Elevate your Rams game day experience with full-service tailgating! Scroll down to reserve your spot!

Elevate your Rams game day experience with full-service tailgating! Scroll down to reserve your spot!


Reserve your package online directly by clicking on the button below.

For group sizes of 40+, please contact us directly at (970) 619-1267 or

2023 Football Individual Game Tailgate Packages are here! Reserve your tailgate today!

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We offer an attractive and organized tent layout and site plan that helps guests easily find their tailgate location. To create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that encourages human interaction, we consult with a professional community planner on the layout of each location. All of our guests receive a site-specific map that indicates their tailgate location for either a single game or the full season.

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REVELxp partners with local food & beverage providers to offer a wide range of quality options. Catering and beverage options for the 2023 season will be added at a later date. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at (970) 619-1267 or


Office: (970) 619-1267 | Email:

Sarah Hannon

General Manager

"Hosting football games on campus for the first time in 50 years gave our great fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in the pre- and postgame experience in more meaningful ways than ever before, and the partnership with a first-class organization like REVELxp will enhance that experience for those who choose their services."

Joe Parker

CSU Director of Athletics


When is payment due?

Payment is due upon booking for individual game reservations. Full season guests have the option to pay a 50% deposit upon booking, 25% on April 1 and the final 25% due on June 1.

What is the cancellation policy?

All sales are final. In the event of a game postponements of cancelations, then 100% of payments made will be credited through the calendar year following the year of reservation or to a rescheduled date of the game/opponent booked.

Does the package include a parking pass?

Our tailgate packages do not include parking passes, however we do have access to parking passes for guests that Tailgate with us on Hughes Way. Please contact our team for more information.

Will you set up a tailgate at my parking spot?

Yes, we have a mobile package available. Please contact our sales team at for more information.

How close is the tailgate village in relation to the stadium?

Our Tailgate Village is a stone's throw away from Canvas Stadium. It only takes a 3-5 minute walk to get from our site to the stadium gates.

Is catering included in your tent package pricing?

Catering is not included in our tent package pricing. Our guests can expect catering costs to be roughly $15-$25 per person.

Is it possible to rent heaters for our tent?

We do not currently have any heaters for our guests and their tent packages at this point in time.

Can we bring a grill and other cooking devices?

We do allow our guests to bring BBQ Grills as long as they are propane operated and do not have an open flame. Get your Grill on!

Does the package price include a ticket to the game?

Our tailgate packages do not include tickets to the game. Tickets can be purchased driectly from the CSU ticket office.

How long is the site open for?

Our site opens 4 hours before kick off, unless it is a noon kick, then it opens at 9 am. The site will remain open for up to 1 hour after the end of the game or midnight, whichever comes first.

Are we responsible for our trash?

While we do encourage our guests to respect the environment, the tailgate, and their fellow neighbors, we will handle the trash clean up for everyone. There will be ample trash cans placed throughout the site that should assist in keeping the site clean and tidy.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and beverages?

You are more than welcome to bring your own food and beverages. We will have bellhops on site who will help take your food, beverages and any other items from your car to your tailgate for you!

Do you all provide alcohol?

We do not provide alcohol but our guests are more than welcome to bring their own. This is another item that our bellhops will help you transport from your vehicle to your tent.

What is the closest parking lot to your site?

The closest parking lot for game day purchasing would be Lot 210G.

When is the last day that I can add supplemental items?

All supplemental items, media packages, and catering orders must be received by the end of the business day on Tuesday the week of the game (for Saturday games).  Orders placed after this time will not be delivered or provided past said date.  All supplemental items are subject to availability and are issued on a first come first serve basis.

Can I move my RXP supplied media package?

Tents and media package equipment should only be moved or relocated by a REVELxp staff member.

Can I use a RXP supplied power source for items I bring?

Any items that contain heating elements including but not limited to, crockpots, griddles, coffee makers, electric grills, heaters, hotplates, popcorn machines, cotton candy machines, toasters, and any others not mentioned, will not be powered by any REVELxp generator.  Failure to comply may result in suspension of the aforementioned media package and a fine up to the amount of the generator value.

Will REVELxp clean up my tailgate after I leave?

For your convenience, we provide cleanup services following each game. REVELxp reserves the right to levy a fine if the trash exceeds reasonable amounts after the guest has left on game day.

What other university regulations on site should I be aware of?

Fires of any type are not permitted. Live music, disc jockeys and excessive amplified sound are not permitted within the Site. Banners and signage recognizing businesses, political candidates or any other form of solicitation on the Site our surrounding areas are prohibited. Signage produced by REVELxp and approved by the Property, identifying each tent will be permitted at the entrance of each tent. Use of any Property utilities is prohibited. Non-Property golf carts, all-terrain vehicles, mopeds, scooters, ATVs, go karts and the like are not allowed. The Property reserves the right to implement additional rules and regulation in its sole discretion regarding the use of the Site and surrounding areas as the need arises. In the event You order a parking pass from REVELxp, the Your vehicle must not exceed 2 axles and must fit within one 9x8 foot parking space.  In the event the vehicle cannot fit within the designated parking space or exceeds the parking deck’s maximum height of 9 feet You will be required to find alternative parking in or around campus.  REVELxp will not be responsible for securing or locating parking for guests who purchased a parking pass and are unable to park in a designated space.  If You choose to park in areas not designated for parking, Your vehicle will be towed and will result in a $500.00 fine in addition to all expenses resulting from towing. You are responsible for conveying all rules and regulations to all attendees and guests at Your tailgate and assume responsibility for actions taken by attendees and guests at Your tailgate.


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